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Our wide range of equipment and capabilities make us uniquely equipped to roll precision nickel strip to exact dimensions. Along with our mills, we offer eight controlled atmosphere annealing lines specifically equipped for nickel alloys, as well as specialized cleaning, Ungerer tension leveling, slitting, edging, and oscillate winding. With a century of experience, and our dedicated team of metallurgists, Ulbrich is ready to assists you in your next nickel strip application.


  • Ni-SpanC® 9021

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We Roll Multiple Nickel Strip Alloys

We Roll Multiple Nickel Strip Alloys

We have a broad range of Nickel Strip products in our inventory to choose from. Certain Nickel Alloys are better for high temperature applications, while others do a better job with corrosion resistance. In other circumstances, we can recommend an alloy that is best for thermal expansion. Unlike Nickel sheet and Nickel Plate, our strip products are most often used for more precision applications where thinner gauge material thickness with the physical, mechanical, and corrosive and heat resistant properties of nickel in coil form is required. Ulbrich produces custom nickel strip and nickel foil to the tightest tolerances your manufacturing application requires using our precision rolling mills. Speak to one of our manufacturing or metallurgical experts today and we will help you find the right material for your spec.

These Applications include, but are not limited to:

Created with the Tightest Tolerances in the Industry

Created with the Tightest Tolerances in the Industry

Our Nickel Strip and Foil product is produced and rolled to the tightest tolerances in our industry, making it an excellent candidate for precision applications across all markets. Whether your product will be exposed to corrosive environments, require bio-compatibility for a medical implant application, Ulbrich has the experience and manufacturing knowledge to serve your precision manufacturing needs. We are one of very few rerollers who specialize in producing Inconel for Aerospace Engine parts. We also process a variety of nickel strip & foil alloys for applications such as rechargeable batteries such as those found in laptop batteries. We have worked with our customers and perfected routings over the past century to become the global leader in strip products for the most demanding applications.

We Deliver Anywhere, Anytime

We Deliver Anywhere, Anytime

We offer large inventories of nickel coil, including nickel alloyed steel strip, and have worldwide manufacturing facilities in North America, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. This network of raw material and global production ensures your precision Nickel alloy strip will arrive on time whenever and wherever you need it.

Our Nickel Strip Coil Capabilities

Our Nickel Strip Coil Capabilities

Depending on the nickel content, and combination with other alloying elements, nickel strip coil can provide highly ductile mechanical properties as well as outstanding oxidation resistance across a wide temperature range. Other characteristics can also be achieved by selecting the right nickel alloy based on the requirements of your spec. Nickel is also widely used for its corrosion resistance in neutral to moderately reducing environments. Nickel 201 strip is close to pure nickel, and is widely used for its ferromagnetic properties. Like pure nickel, it provides high thermal and electrical conductivity in comparison to nickel-base alloys, stainless steels, and low alloy steel. Ulbrich nickel strips are offered in a variety of plating, finishing and packaging options so we can deliver the best product for your specific needs.

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