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Work together with our industry-leading metallurgy & engineering teams to set up your R&D projects for success. Our partnership program starts with a materials evaluation to help identify the right metals and attributes required to reduce risk, decrease failure rates, and increase your speed to market. We work together with our customers to specify the perfect alloy, finish, edge condition, mechanical properties and more. Complete the form on this page and a metallurgist will contact you soon. It comes with no commitment.

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The Development Partnership is an extension of your team.



New product development starts with great ideas and greater risks. Ulbrich helps minimize that risk through a highly experienced team of individualized experts. We assist in developing custom material solutions designed to meet your manufacturing needs and help you push the limits of innovation.

metallurgists on staff

Access to an unparalleled number of process, product and quality metallurgists, each with expertise that is best suited for your unique raw material needs.

alloys available

Our extensive inventory across multiple product lines allows Ulbrich to supply the highest quality material for your specific requirements.

years of experience

Since 1924, Ulbrich has been a pioneer in the metals industry thanks to a never-ending commitment to quality, innovation and world-class customer service.


Speak with a Metallurgist

During this initial conversation, an Ulbrich metallurgist will discuss your material and application needs—the first step in the process of developing a solid understanding of your project’s specific requirements.


Define Critical Attributes

Using the information obtained in the initial consultation, Ulbrich will create a material specification with your product’s success in mind.


Trial Order + Evaluation

Using the specification as a guideline, Ulbrich will process customized material in R+D quantities for initial evaluation.


Feedback & Follow-up

Based on feedback of the initial trial order, our product team will work with you to confirm final specifications. A unique part number will be created, ensuring the material is processed the same way every time.


Transfer to Production

With a dedicated team of engineers, product managers and customer service staff to support you, Ulbrich will bring your product to market with our industry-leading commitment to quality.

Accelerate Your Braid Wire Product Development

Accelerate Your Braid Wire Product Development

At Ulbrich, we understand medical device development timelines continue to be reduced. The need for device designers to iterate quickly is accelerating and rarely supported by the supply chain. To better serve our customers’ ever increasing requirements, we have developed our Braid Wire Accelerator® Program.

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Thanks for your interest in Ulbrich! Whether you're developing a new product or ramping up production, we'll be happy to learn more about your specific needs. Please fill out the form below, and we will promptly get back to you with a quote or, if needed, a request for more information.

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Surface Oxide Control

Ulbrich processing uses low dew point protective atmospheres to minimize detrimental oxide formation which can otherwise lead to excessive die life and tooling changeovers.
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Controlled Grain Growth and Direction for Increased Formability

Through Ulbrich’s state of the art annealing furnaces and optimized rolling practices, we are able to offer material that has optimal formability for deep draw applications.
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