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Ulbrich’s Development Partnership team was established to assist engineers in creating metal solutions for the most demanding applications. Ulbrich’s experienced advisory team is available to help design material specifications for your unique raw material needs.

We're Your Development Partners



New product development starts with great ideas and greater risks. Ulbrich helps minimize that risk through a highly experienced team of individualized experts. We assist in developing custom material solutions designed to meet your manufacturing needs and help you push the limits of innovation. 



You have a design, we have the material expertise. The Ulbrich Development Team will work with you to understand the part’s characteristics and then recommend materials and specifications to help achieve the highest functionality.


Product Manager

Ulbrich assigns dedicated product/market experts who understand product specifications throughout the supply chain, giving a unique insight into our customers’ needs. These product managers are commercial metallurgists who will work with you to define material characteristics such as physical properties, tolerances, surface finish, and packaging requirements.


Process Metallurgist

Throughout the discovery process, Ulbrich will assign a dedicated Process Metallurgist to define the manufacturing process to ensure consistent quality and repeatability. This experienced professional is highly trained to analyze critical metallurgical resources such as stress/strain analysis, roll curves, and annealing parameters.


Product Strategist

In addition to the industry's best technical support, Ulbrich’s Development team is rounded out with local customer service and supply chain managers. Ulbrich’s Field Reps are strategically located throughout the world to be only a call away. These account managers provide local customer service and are teamed with dedicated inside sales representatives who manage all aspect of the supply chain.

We’re always here for our customers.

Our Promise

We strive to lead our industry in the production and distribution of high performance alloys in order to offer the best total value to our customers. 

Our Products

We continually reinvest in our products and services, which enhance our performance to meet your specific requirements.

Our Capabilities

We concentrate in the geographic market and applications-based segments where our capabilities can be leveraged to offer a significant competitive advantage to both our company and yours.

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