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Experienced Supply Chain Management

Ulbrich has the supply chain relationships to secure the material you need. Partner with us to keep costs down, improve delivery performance and gain a competitive advantage.

Global Relationships

Global Relationships

Extend Your Supply Base

Ulbrich has relationships worldwide and across the entire supply chain, better positioning our partners for challenging market conditions. Our established purchasing relationships include many melt sources, enabling our supply chain experts to work more nimbly than lower-volume buyers when securing material for our customers. Make material shortages and last-minute scrambling for precision metal products a thing of the past!

Flexible MOQs

Flexible MOQs

Get a Seat at the Table with the Melt Mills

We use our significant spending power to pass along better pricing, better delivery performance, flexible MOQs, and other advantages that help our customers. Product development often requires a small amount of metal with specialized material properties, delivered fast and at a fair price. And in this market, that can be nearly impossible without a powerful supply chain partner.

A Wide Array of Inventory Available

A Wide Array of Inventory Available

Our vast supply chain allows us to offer customers more than 160 alloys and 20,000 metal products. And if we don’t have the material you need at the moment, there’s a good chance we can secure it through our network.


Our Service Center Processing Capabilities

Cut to length


Our blanking line can handle widths up to 30" and gauges as light as .004. We uncoil your metal, straighten or flatten it, then cut and auto-stack to the lengths you require. We're happy to help whether your project needs precision tolerances or manageable workpieces for ease of handling.
Cut-to-Length Capabilities
UOI Slitter Coils


Our slitters turn master coil into narrower strands of slit coil with the consistent measurements you require. Apart from width: coil support, inner diameter, size, edge condition, accumulation method and interleaf are all characteristics imparted during final slitting.
Slit Coil Size Ranges
Edging slitting


Get the sharp edges of your slit coil smoothed or rounded to remove the burr and make it safer to handle and use in exposed applications. Conditioned edges are available in several shapes: deburred, square, round, rolled, beveled, and even custom edges.
Edge Conditioning


When flat materials are required, even the slightest curve can ruin your project. Our in-house leveling machines and quality department ensure you receive the flattest product possible.
Controlling Camber


Protect your material during secondary processing with a wide array of protective tapes and coatings, including various thicknesses, adhesion properties, colors, and opacity options.
Coating & Plating


We offer flexible packaging options, each designed to protect your material and keep your operators safe. With capabilities spanning the entire globe, we are able to pack and transit to almost any destination.
Packaging Solutions

Precision Re-Rolling

Require material with thinner gauges, tighter tolerances, or particular mechanical properties? Ulbrich is a world leader in rolling precision stainless steel and special metals for extremely demanding applications. Explore the precision capabilities of our industry-leading mills.
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There’s an Ulbrich Service Center Near You!

Our metal service centers are spread throughout North America to better service every market.

Ulbrich of Illinois

Alsip, IL, USA
Alsip, IL, USA

Alsip, IL, USA


Our pinnacle service center located in the middle of North America. This facility supplies alloys used to manufacture everything from cars and planes to submersible pumps. Whether your application is below sea, on land, or high in the sky, UOI can bolster your supply chain.

Ulbrich of California

Pico Rivera, CA, USA
Pico Rivera, CA, USA

Pico Rivera, CA, USA


Our west-coast distribution center conveniently located to supply the aerospace industry with a wide inventory of stainless steel, nickel alloys, and titanium coil — slit or rewound to your specifications.

Ulbrich of New England

Wallingford, CT, USA
Wallingford, CT, USA

Wallingford, CT, USA


This service center, located next to our specialty re-roll mill, specializes in wide-width, big-weight (high volume), and hard-to-find materials. Materials from our mill and strategic vendors are processed by state-of-the-art equipment to maintain tight dimensional tolerances.


Querétaro, Mexico
Querétaro, Mexico

Querétaro, Mexico


Our Mexican division that specializes in aluminum and stainless steel alloys, as well as partnering with Latin America’s emerging automotive market.

We're more than just another link in your supply chain. Lean on our metallurgical expertise, global relationships, and logistical know-how to improve your entire production flow.

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Ulbrich Stainless Steels and Special Metals, Inc., has over 15 Metallurgists on staff ready to help you select the appropriate alloy for your application and support your entire production process.
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