Tested for True Quality

We pride ourselves in rigorously testing our products to be sure they uphold the highest level of quality demanded by our customer’s market requirements.

Mechanical Laboratory

Mechanical Laboratory

  • Room Temperature Tensile Testing
    • This is an axial pull on the material measuring the force required to elongate the material to a breaking point. This allows us to determine how materials and products will conduct themselves in their applications.
  • Bend Testing
    • This type of test is performed in order to determine the ductility, bend strength and resistance to fracture of a metal. It is done by deforming the material at its' midpoint, which causes a bend to form without a fracture.
Metallography and Metallurgy

Metallography and Metallurgy

  • Metallography (General)
    • This is the study of the micro-structure of our alloys. Critical mechanical properties are related to micro-structure and observing them can allow us to understand the relationship between certain alloys and their properties, and therefore how that alloy will behave for its' intended application.
  • Ulbrich is staffed with a complete Metallurgy department ready to help take your product through from planning to execution to support. See our complete Metallurgy capabilities
Near-Surface Examinations

Near-Surface Examinations

  • Grain Size
  • Allo Depletion
  • Micro-Hardness
  • Alpha Case
  • Micro-Cleanliness
Hardness Testing

Hardness Testing

  • Rockwell Hardness
  • Vickers Hardness
  • Approved Source for Producers of Jet Engines for Rolls Royce, GE, and Pratt & Whitney
  • Meet Industry and Government Specifications AMS, ASTM, MIL, and International Standards DIN
  • NADCAP Approved Lab
  • Please Reference our Certifications Page to View Copies of our Approval Certificate

Ulbrich Certifications

All Ulbrich Divisions have a corporate mandate to meet international quality standards, as well as the specific quality standards of the regions and industries they serve. Additionally, divisions must meet key standards of key multinational manufacturers (OEM’s).
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Ulbrich Stainless Steels and Special Metals, Inc., has over 15 Metallurgists on staff ready to help you select the appropriate alloy for your application and support your entire production process.
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