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Cut-to-Length Capabilities

Reduce scrap and improve manufacturing efficiency with custom-sized blanks from Ulbrich of Illinois.

Shorten Lead Times and Boost Profitability with Ulbrich

Shorten Lead Times and Boost Profitability with Ulbrich

Save time and money by procuring precision-cut sheet products uncoiled, sheared, and auto-stacked to your exact specifications. Our newly upgraded cut-to-length line is centrally located in our Midwest distribution center and capable of processing wider widths and lighter gauges than ever before. This fully automatic cut-to-length line includes a dual film/paper applicator and auto-sheet stacker. Additionally, its line configuration allows the flexibility to run longer-length blanks through the stacker and onto a conveyor for packaging.

Lighter Gauges, Wider Widths and Everything in Between

Lighter Gauges, Wider Widths and Everything in Between

Gauge Range:

.004” min to .090” max

Width Range:

6” min to 30” max

Length Range:

10" min to 96" auto-stacking max / 240" manual stacking max

Custom Sized Blanks


Precision Sheet Size Ranges

CTL Strip Width Chart

Contact Us if you don't see the size range you're looking for.

Shaped Wire


Require a custom-shaped, semi-finished solution? Ulbrich Shaped Wire also offers cut-to-length shaped, round, flat, and square products, produced to exacting cross-sectional dimensions.

Other Capabilities

Rolled Strip Size Ranges

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Grades & Alloys

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By Material

View detailed material specifications for the 160+ alloys that Ulbrich supports in strip and wire products.

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