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When procuring specialty strip coil, customers must decide whether they want their material packaged as ribbon or oscillate wound. Ribbon wound slit coil is the more traditional method and meets the needs of many manufacturers. However, oscillate wound coil offers clear advantages for some custome... Continue Reading
Precision deep drawing and precision metal stamping are both popular metalwork techniques that produce various parts dependent on the need of the product. So, what is the difference between drawing and stamping? The article below will outline the major differences between the deep drawing process an... Continue Reading
In the simplest terms, camber refers to curving. And in metalwork, this can sometimes be a good thing — think the curved steel beams of a bridge or the aerodynamic curves of a sports car. Steel remains strong, and sometimes even grows stronger, when bent. However, in rolled metal manufacturing camb... Continue Reading
Rolling mills compress metal into a uniform thickness, bend it into custom shapes, and create custom-sized stripping. There are many different types of rolling mills, and the optimal mill for your product depends on the metal and rolling process your manufacturer will use. All sorts of markets req... Continue Reading