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Dedicated Leadership in Consumer Product Materials

Ulbrich's material can be found in a wide range of consumer products, from construction hardware to kitchen appliances and from consumer electronics to personal hygiene accessories.

As consumer products become more efficient, the base metals remain at the core
Appliance motors are becoming exceedingly more energy efficient, and while designs have changed, they’re still made from specialty alloys.
Stainless steel has become as fashionable as it is functional
While common stainless continues to be popular, manufacturers have been searching for new stainless finishes, such as matte and textured applications
Our products are an important part of the consumer market
Aluminum continues to play a major role in the consumer market. Vital motor parts such as cooling fins must be lightweight and heat resistant — so aluminum is crucial.


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View detailed material specifications for the 160+ alloys that Ulbrich supports in strip and wire products.

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