Metal Alloys for Stamping & Deep Drawn Part Manufacturing

Deep drawing requires annealed properties with a homogeneous fine grain microstructure and very uniform mechanical properties throughout the coil. There are a combination of many variables that Ulbrich controls to ensure that our material provides the best formability for even the most difficult drawing process applications. Learn how Ulbrich provides the highest value material by offering the least downtime and part variability, allowing our customers to produce higher quality products at a lower overall cost.

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Wide Alloy Selection to Meet the Needs of Stampers

Wide Alloy Selection to Meet the Needs of Stampers

Ulbrich has been supplying metal strip and foil to stampers in over 165 alloys for multiple generations. Working with our in-house equipment and rolling mill team, your order of precision strip steel for metal deep draw stamping can be slit, cut-to-length, rolled to the thinnest gauges, annealed to various common or custom tempers, and more. At Ulbrich, our customers come first, so we're able to meet the needs of orders large and small. If you're still unsure, inquire about a small sample order today!

Characteristics that Impact the Decision-Making Process

Characteristics that Impact the Decision-Making Process

Unparalleled Flatness & Precision Gauge Control

Unparalleled Flatness & Precision Gauge Control

At Ulbrich, we understand that the stamping process benefits greatly from materials that are consistent and uniform through and through. That's why we pride ourselves on providing unparalleled metal flatness, superior surface finish, as well as our precision capability for surface oxide control. The Ulbrich rolling mill facility utilizes state-of-the-art equipment that further enhances our material quality for stamping and deep draw operations in all of the critical markets we serve. Employing a technically advanced automatic gauge control and shape control system to closely monitor real-time variations of thickness and flatness throughout the length of each coil that we roll makes us the top choice globally for metal strip & foil used for precision stamping or deep draw manufacturers serving demanding markets & applications.

Shaped Wire Reduces Stamping Operations with Net or Near-Net Shapes

Shaped Wire Reduces Stamping Operations with Net or Near-Net Shapes

Ulbrich was built on a foundation of material expertise and a dedication to investing in critical equipment, enabling us to continually rise to the challenges of modern industrial production. Our shaped wire rolling mill equipment is cutting edge, and quite advanced. In addition to strip coil, we also employ automatic gauge control when rolling wire. This technology allows us to roll wire faster and with extreme precision and consistency, these highly specialized wire rolling mills produce shaped, flat, round, and custom profile wire parts that meet or even exceed the demanding certification requirements of the nuclear industry. Our in-house toolmakers allow us to remain nimble and to react quickly to customer demands and ensure the highest quality and consistency, particularly with new shapes. The benefits of shaped wire for metal stamping is that shapes arrive at your facility in near net condition, simplifying the stamping process, and increasing your manufacturing efficiency, as well as your speed to market!

Best-In-Class Metallurgical Expertise. We're Your Development Partner.

Best-In-Class Metallurgical Expertise. We're Your Development Partner.

New product development for metal parts starts with great ideas and greater risks. Ulbrich helps minimize that risk, and demystify the most complex material challenges through a highly experienced team of individualized experts. We have generations of experience providing materials to progressive stamping manufacturers and are eager to assist in developing custom material solutions designed to meet even the most extreme or demanding manufacturing needs to help you push the limits of manufacturing innovation.

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