Ulbrich Stainless Steel and Special Metals Capabilities

Ulbrich's industry-leading capabilities are designed with your success in mind.

Z Mill

Rolling Tolerances

Our largest H-mill can handle incoming strip material up to .125” thick, while our smallest Z-mill can roll foil as light as .00039″: an order of magnitude thinner than a human hair.

Rolling Tolerances

Slitting & Edging

From Round to Square edge, our slitters have the ability to separate a wide strip into “mults” or narrower strips to achieve your desired width with as much minimized burr as possible.

Slitting & Edging Capabilities
Ulbrich Annealing


Utilizing hydrogen, nitrogen, and argon controlled atmospheres, we properly anneal all the alloys we offer to satisfy the most demanding specifications of the aerospace, medical, and nuclear industries.

Annealing Capabilities

Finishes & Mechanical Properties

From Bright to Dull or Quarter Hard to Extra Full Hard, Ulbrich has the ability to control your desired surface finish and mechanical properties of your Precision Strip & Wire products.

Finishes & Mechanical Properties
Ulbrich Hpc Copper

Coating & Plating

Based on your exact requirements, we expertly apply protective coatings with various thicknesses, adhesion properties, colors, and opacity to ensure your product is successfully brought to completion. Additionally, our multiple plating lines, first-rate production capabilities, and expert metallurgists can handle any plating needs you have for Precision Flat & Fine Wire products.

Coating & Plating Capabilities
Stacked Coil


With production and shipping capabilities spanning the entire globe, we are able to accommodate steel and metal product packaging and transit to almost any international destination.

Packaging Capabilities

Manufacturing Overview

Our state-of-the-art equipment, technology, and staff make us the go-to steel and metals producer for numerous manufacturing markets, including the medical, nuclear, aerospace, solar, and electronics industries.

Manufacturing Capabilities