Corrosion-Resistant Strip & Foil for Aerospace Engine Components

We deliver precision coiled strip and foil materials specifically engineered for aerospace products that can withstand and perform in the most challenging conditions.

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We Produce Lighter, Stronger, and More Precise Strip and Foil

At Ulbrich, our expert engineers and metallurgists use the latest annealing and shaping technologies to create the aerospace industry's most performant coiled strip and foil. That, combined with our quality accreditations and technical sales support, make us a trusted partner capable of helping engine OEM's take flight quicker and substantially safer than ever before.

Aerospace Parts

Aerospace Products Made with Ulbrich Strip and Foil

Ulbrich strip and foil is used in high-temperature, high-strength, and corrosion-resistant aerospace products. Many of the final end-products that use our strip and foil sit between the hot and cold sections of today's aerospace engines, from the fan section to the tip of the nozzle and everywhere in between, including:

- High-pressure seals

- Hydraulic Tubing

- Nozzle Components

- Shrouds


Ulbrich Metals and Alloys Used in Aerospace Products

Due to their ease of fabricability and naturally high temperatures, immense strength, and corrosion-resistant properties, Nickel-based alloys and Cobalt-based alloys in continuous precision strip and foil form are the most common Ulbrich metals and alloys used in aerospace products.

Aerospace Odonnell Ulbrich

A History of Meeting Challenging Aerospace Demands

Our team of expert engineers and our culture of consistency started long before the Jet Age. Since 1924, we've been committed to helping clients in all types of industries build the most powerful and reliable products and applications possible. However, we do have a rich history in the aerospace industry. From the early onset of gas-turbine development to the modern-day production of commercial and military aviation designs, Ulbrich's been a true pioneer in the aerospace community, shaping strip and foil for a number of high-performing engine applications and products.

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