Cobalt Strip Coil Produced to Perform

Ulbrich cobalt strip coil products are critical and thermally stable alloys that are made to exact specifications for parts requiring considerable strength and corrosion resistance at high operating temperatures.


  • Haynes® 188
  • Haynes® 263
  • Haynes® Alloy 25(L605)
  • MP35N ®


  • Waspaloy

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Our cobalt products are tough enough to take the heat

Ulbrich cobalt strip coil is produced for parts requiring extreme strength and corrosion resistance at high operating temperatures. Our metallurgists have the knowledge to assist you with these critical and thermally stable alloys.

We have nearly 100 years of experience

Our experienced staff of engineers, product managers, and mill operators have a deep knowledge base and experience in rolling these critical, thermally stable alloys primarily for, but not limited to, aerospace and turbine applications.

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Our Cobalt Strip Coil Capabilities

Cobalt alloys are also sometimes referred to as “super alloys". Cobalt alloys perform well in corrosive environments and high temperatures while retaining strength. They're also used when wear resistance is required, and typical uses for cobalt alloys are jet engines, turbines, and dental implants.

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