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Precision Metals That Meet Your Unique Market Demands

Only Ulbrich’s dynamic range of precision metals and innovations are able to transcend markets and industries, offering the precision, quality, and reliability needed to perform the job — any job.


On the forefront of innovative prototyping and reliable crafting of a wide range of medical equipment and devices, Ulbrich excels in industry developments and requirements.

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Ulbrich has been providing high-quality precision rolled alloys in strip, foil, shaped wire, and bar products to the aerospace industry since the beginning of commercial jet travel and space exploration.

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As technology continues to evolve in the automotive industry, so has Ulbrich’s dedication to serving the market, offering new ways to advance the industry while remaining an integral part of all designs.

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Oil & Gas

Proudly supplying metal for vital components of the Oil & Gas Extraction industry, Ulbrich delivers precision and strength while maintaining a commitment to corrosion protection.

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Power Generation

From turbine engine parts and nuclear fuel bundles to solar cells, honeycomb seals, and recuperators, Ulbrich offers a full range of alloys to handle specific corrosion and temperature requirements of the Energy & Power Generation market.

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Not just evolving with developments in electronics, but actively innovating to help advance it, Ulbrich constantly works with partners to offer only precision products that fit the extreme restrictions and requirements of the industry.

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A world leader PV Ribbon products, which interconnect and transmit current for crystalline solar cells and thin film, Ulrich’s team supplies cost-effective solutions to module manufacturers around the globe.



Ulbrich’s ability to maintain precision temper ranges, engineered to suit your specific application, is second to none with nickel alloys for high temperature applications, including X-750 and Nickel 600.

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Consumers have never had a broader range of stainless and special metals products to choose from and so Ulbrich is always developing the alloys and specifications for the consumer electronic devices of today...and tomorrow.

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Meet your innovation catalysts.

Ulbrich is dedicated to partnering with forward-looking companies to advance precision metals. If you’re looking to push the boundaries of what’s possible — Let’s work together!
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