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Industrial Manufacturing Capabilities

Discover the manufacturing capabilities that have been driving our company forward for 100 years.

Rolling Tolerances

Our largest H-mill can handle incoming strip material up to .125” thick, while our smallest Z-mill can roll foil as light as .00039″: an order of magnitude thinner than a human hair.

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Slitting & Edging

From Round to Square edge, our slitters have the ability to separate a wide strip into “mults” or narrower strips to achieve your desired width with as much minimized burr as possible.

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Custom Finishes

From Bright to Dull or Quarter Hard to Extra Full Hard, Ulbrich has the ability to control your desired surface finish and mechanical properties of your Precision Strip & Wire products.

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Our Manufacturing Process

Our Manufacturing Process

Throughout multiple facilities across the world, Ulbrich produces a vast array of rolled stainless steel and special metals products from widely available standard specifications to meet unique customer needs including: thickness, width, specific mechanical properties, industry specifications and many other critical characteristics. We are continually investing in our equipment, technology, and staff to meet the needs of our customers in demanding markets such as medical, nuclear, aerospace, solar, electronics and many more. With our rapid prototyping abilities, we can help you develop and design a new product at speed.

Below, you will find a list of our product-specific capabilities. Use these as general guidelines for your industrial manufacturing needs. If you have any additional questions, one of our representatives would be happy to speak with you.

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By Material

View detailed material specifications for the 160+ alloys that Ulbrich supports in strip and wire products.

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Rolled Strip & Slit Coil


Rolled Strip Size Ranges

Thickness Range: .0003″ – .12″ (0.0076mm – 3.175mm)

Thickness Tolerance (Standard): +/- 5% standard

Thickness Tolerance (Extreme): +/- 1%

Precision Strip Width Range: .020″ – 14″ (0.508mm – 356mm)

Width Tolerance (Standard): +/- .005″ (+/0.0.127mm)

Slit Coil Size Ranges

Thickness Range: .0003″ – .188″ (0.0076mm – 4.7752mm)

Thickness Tolerance: n/a

Width Range: .032″ – 59.5″ (0.8128mm – 1368mm)

Width Tolerance: +/- .005″ (+/-0.127mm)

Coil Winding Capabilities

View Our Coil Winding Capabilities and Spool Options


Bright to Dull (10 nanometers – 60 micro-inches), Special Textures can be mechanically (rolled) applied.


PVC, Paper Interleaving, Plating and Special Coatings.

View our Special Coatings and Plating Options


We engineer our products to each customers requirements and specifications. Our team customized solutions to enhance your product and processes. Our tempers range from drawing quality, coining tempers to extra full hard.


Camber tolerances are available closer than the published commercial range noted below upon request

For strip less than or equal to 1.5″ wide: .5 inches in 8 feet (less than or equal to 38mm: 13mm in 2.5m)

For strip from 1.5″ – < 24″ wide: 0.25″ in 8 feet (38mm < 610mm: 6mm in 2.5m)

Camber is measured by placing an 8 foot (2.5 meter) straight edge against the concave edge of the strip)


Standard flatness is .020 PIW or critical flatness of .010″ PIW (refer to sales for flatness options per material/thickness/width)



A.I.S.I. No. 1 – Round Edge

Width 1.500″ inches max (38mm max)

Thickness .007″ – .062″ (0.1778mm – 1.575mm)


A.I.S.I No. 3 – Slit Edge

Width: .020″ min (0.5mm min)

Thickness: .062″ – .125″ (0.158mm – 3.175mm)


A.I.S.I No. 5 – Square Edge

Width: 2.250″ max (57mm max)

Thickness: .004″ – .062″ (0.102 – 1.575mm)

Broken Corner is also available (no image)

Width: 3.50″ max (89mm max)

Thickness: .062″ – .125″ (0.158mm – 3.175mm)


We can offer various atmospheres with a wide range of capabilities from full anneal to stress relieving.

View our Annealing Capabilities

Grades & Alloys

View our Metal Grades & Alloys


View our Testing Capabilities


View our Certifications

Rolled Wire


Shaped Wire (Profiles, Screen Wire and Custom Shapes)

Thickness Range: .005″ – .335″ (0.127mm – 8.509mm)

Width Range: .020″ – 1.50″ (0.508mm – 38.1mm)

Flat Wire

Thickness Range: 0.0002” to .210” (0.00508mm to 5.33mm)

Width Range: .002″ – 1.500″ (0.051mm -38.1mm)

Square Wire

Thickness Range: .030″ -.250″ (0.762mm – 6.35mm)

Width Range: .030″ – .250 (0.762mm – 6.35mm)

Round Wire

Diameter Range: .00075″ – .400″ (0.019mm – 10.16mm)


Our products can be produced to engineered mechanical properties designed for your end use and manufacturing processes.

Surface Finishes

Custom finished available per customer specifications. Bright Polish, Tin and lead coated, HT and tempered.

Wire Alloys

Stainless Steel – Titanium – Nickel – Cobalt – Nitinol – Carbon Steel – Brass – Bronze – Aluminum – Copper Alloys – Additional Families of Alloys Upon Request

Additional Alloys for Fine Wire and Precision Flat Wire

300 Series VM – Alloy 52 – Aluminum – Aluminum Clad – Beryllium Copper – Brass – Carbon – Copper – Copper Aluminum Clad – Copper Clad – Copper Nickel Alloys – Dumet – Duplex Alloys – FeChrome – Invar – Kovar – L605 – Molybdenum – MP35N – Nickel Alloys – Nickel Plated Steel – Nitinol – Nitronic 32 – Phosphorus Bronze – Stainless Steel – Tantalum -Titanium – Tungsten – More Available Upon Request

View All of Our Metal Grades & Alloy Datasheets


  • Gold Type I, II, III per MIL-G-45204 Solder per MIL-P 81728*
  • Silver per QQ-S 365 and ASTM B-298 Military Standard – 1276*
  • Copper per MIL-C-14550
  • Nickel per QQ-N-290*
  • Tin per MIL-T-10727 Solder per MIL-STD


View our Certifications

Rolled PV Ribbon


Ulbrich Solar Technologies, a product line of Ulbrich Specialty Wire Products and Ulbrich of Austria, is a global manufacturer and supplier of engineered PV ribbon products. Our solar cell tabbing ribbon and bus wire is custom produced to meet the individual requirements of Solar Module Manufacturers.

For all PV Ribbon and Bus Wire product capabilities please visit our website www.PVRibbon.com

Sheet & Plate


Stainless Steel Sheet (Canada Only)

Alloys: 201, 301, 304, 304L, 309, 316, 316L, 321, 409, 410, 410S, 430, 439

Thickness Range: 7 gauge to 28 gauge or 3.664mm to .321mm

Width Range: 30″ to 72″

Length Range: Up to 144″ Non-Standard or Longer Lengths Available Upon Request

Finishes: 2D, 2B, 4Pol, BA, X10, XL, Buff, XL Blend S, PVC & Paper Interleave

Processing: Shearing to Custom Sizes & Sheet Coil CTL available

Aluminum Sheet (Canada Only)

Alloys: 3003 H14, 5052 H32

Thickness Range: .032″ to .249″ or 0.812mm to 6.34mm

Width Range: 36″ to 72″

Length Range: Up to 144″ Non-Standard or Longer Lengths Available Upon Request

Processing: Shearing to custom sizes & Sheet Coil, Cut to length from coil, PVC & Paper Interleave

Stainless Plate Smooth and Diamond Pattern (Canada Only)

Alloys: 201, 201LN, 301, 301LN,304, 304L, 304H, 309S, 310S, 316, 316L, 321, 254SMO, 2205

Thickness Range: .1875″ – 2″ or 4.762mm to 50.8mm

Width Range: 36″ to 120″

Length Range: Up to 240″ Non-Standard or Longer Lengths Available Upon Request

Processing: Cut to length & Plasma Cutting – Diamond Plate Also Available

* Measurements for general information only. Ultimate capabilities may differ depending on order requirements. Visit www.DiversifiedUlbrich.ca for more information.

Bar & Tube


Stainless Steel Flat Bar (Canada Only)

Alloys: 304, 304L, 316, 316L

Thickness Range: .125″ to 1″

Width Range: .500″ to 12.00″

Length: 12-14′ r/l, 20′

Processing: Cut to Length

Stainless Steel Hex Bar (Canada Only)

Alloys 303, 304/304L, 316/316L

Size Range: 1875″ to 2″

Length: 12′ R/L

Processing: Cut to Length

Stainless Structural Angles (Canada Only)

Alloys: 304, 340L, 316, 316L

Size Range: 750″ x .750″ x .125 up to 6″ x 6″ x .500″

Length: 20′ r/l

Processing: Cut to Length

Stainless Tubing – Round, Square and Rectangular (Canada & Mexico)

Alloys: 304, 304L, 316, 316L

Wall Thickness Range: .035″ up to .500″

O.D. Range for Round Tube: .125″ to 7.5″

O.D. Range for Square Tube: .500″ – 10″

O.D. Range for Rectangular Tube: .500″ – .750″ through 8″ – 12″

Length: 20′ r/l

Processing: Cut to Length

* Measurements for general information only. Ultimate capabilities may differ depending on order requirements. Visit www.DiversifiedUlbrich.ca (Canada) or www.Ulbrinox.com.mx (Mexico) for more information.

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