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From the very beginning, customers have used Ulbrich material in very exacting, and difficult applications, applications in which the cost of failure would be high and the consequences of failure catastrophic. All Ulbrich Divisions have a corporate mandate to meet international quality standards, as well as the specific quality standards of the regions and industries they serve. Additionally, divisions must meet key standards of key multinational manufacturers (OEM’s).

Good enough just ain't good enough...it has to be perfect

Fred Ulbrich
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From aircraft to pacemakers, Ulbrich specialty metals provides the precision you need for any product application. Our proprietary manufacturing process can reach unparalleled precision down to .0003” in a variety of customizable alloys. Contact a specialist today.


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View detailed material specifications for the 160+ alloys that Ulbrich supports in strip and wire products.

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We’re always looking for enthusiastic employees to be a part of our growing team around the world. See what we have listed or contact us with your specialty.
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Supply Chain

Partner with us and allow us to manage lead time risk, be your facility vendor, and limit surcharges.
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