Annealing Department

Annealing Capabilities

We can offer various atmospheres with a wide range of capabilities from full anneal to stress relieving.

Continuous In-line Annealing

Continuous In-line Annealing

Our annealing furnaces are continuous and in-line. We utilize hydrogen, nitrogen and argon controlled atmospheres in order to properly anneal the broad range of alloys we offer. These furnaces allow us to satisfy the most demanding specifications of critical industries such as: Aerospace, Medical and Nuclear.

  • Continuous in-line annealing offers consistent physical properties
  • Superior finishes including bright annealed


Dimensional Capabilities

We take on any and all challenges for difficult to produce dimensions, tolerances, and specifications.

Multifunctional Annealing Benefits

Instead of batch annealing, Ulbrich utilizes continuous annealing to enhance and accelerate the process. The diverse set of temperatures that we anneal in allow us to manufacture numerous different types of alloys, and our process controls give our products better surface quality, shape, and shine.


Austenitic grades - Dead soft to extra hard with a bright finish in the annealed state. All austenitic alloys are non-magnetic, however, work hardening makes most types slightly magnetic. These steels cannot be hardened by heat treatment, but can be worked to develop high tensile strengths.

Ferritic grades - Dead soft to full hard


Customers can specify numerous unique finishes, ranging from dull gray matte to bright and highly reflective.

Custom Materials

Hot or cold rolled bands, vacuum melt, induction melt, and special or restricted analysis available upon request. In addition to the listed alloys, we produce several electronic, glass sealing, and low expansion alloys, as well as these special grades.

* Measurements for general information only. Ultimate capabilities may differ depending on order requirements.

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