Medical Braid and Coil Wire for Catheter Products

Learn about Ulbrich's industry-leading medical braid and coil wire available in the alloys you need for manufacturing precision medical products.

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Round & Flat Medical Wire Stocking Program

Round & Flat Medical Wire Stocking Program

At Ulbrich, we understand medical device development timelines continue to be reduced. The need for device designers to iterate quickly is accelerating and rarely supported by the supply chain. To better serve our customers’ ever increasing requirements, we have developed our Braid Wire Accelerator® Program.

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High-Quality Steel & Nickel Alloys for Catheters of Any Shape and Size

High-Quality Steel & Nickel Alloys for Catheters of Any Shape and Size

With serious medical consequences at hand, Ulbrich takes pride in providing medical device manufacturers with the metals they need to create supremely functional catheters. Combining our vast knowledge in R&D with accuracy and high-precision winding, we’re committed to giving you what you need to manufacture first-rate catheters for doctors and patients. And because we produce braid and coil reinforcement wire in various alloys, we’re experienced in making alloys that can be used in all types of catheter products, including braided catheters and shafts, coiled shafts, micro-catheters, EP catheters, vascular catheters, and more.

Get Streamlined Wire Alloy Solutions Anywhere in the World

Get Streamlined Wire Alloy Solutions Anywhere in the World

Ulbrich’s global support structure guarantees streamlined solutions for all of our customers, no matter how big or small they might be. With our widespread physical presence throughout the world – which includes twelve locations in five countries across North America, Asia, and Europe – it’s easy for us to provide industry-leading services for most manufacturers. From vendor managed stock programs and excellent lead times, to industry expertise and rapid deliveries, we ensure precision in our process from start to finish.

Finished Products List

  • Braided Catheters
  • Braided Shafts
  • Coiled Shafts
  • Micro-Catheters
  • EP Catheters
  • Vascular Catheters
  • + More

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Wire Forms

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