Precision Seal Shapes and Flats for a Broad Range of Industries

Ulbrich is an industry-leading provider of shaped wire for seal products across a number of industries, from aerospace to chemical processing.

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Ulbrich Works to Exact Specs to Meet Your Expectations

Our ability to supply seal customers with the critical dimensions required for fabrication – including width, edge control, and thickness – is unmatched in the metal and alloy industry. With an experienced team of metallurgists and engineers, as well as a state-of-the-art lab and facility, we're able to produce and test our shaped alloys and wires to ensure the shapes and flats we manufacture meet all of the critical dimensions and requirements for your seal parts.


Seal Products Made Possible by Ulbrich Alloys and Shaped Wire

At Ulbrich, the certifications we have allow us to supply wire shaped to exact specs for high-pressure and high-temperature seal applications. Our material knowledge and practical expertise enables us to work across many different industries, including the aerospace industry and the power generation industry, and we also make seal products possible for the oil, gas, and chemical processing industries.


Ulbrich Metals and Alloys Used in Seals

Seals come in a wide range of alloys, and one of the reasons customers repeatedly come to us is because we can support the vast majority of stainless grades. The type of material we use depends on the atmosphere and temperatures the seal will need to withstand and thrive in. And, we're experts in the production of high-temperature and performance alloys, including those most commonly used in seal products, such as:


Nearly 100 Years of Providing Industry-Leading Products & Services

For almost a century, we've helped customers in numerous industries carry out their product and application visions with precision-shaped metals, alloys, and wires. This is no different in the high-pressure metal seal industry, as Ulbrich's capabilities, services, reliability, and accreditations far exceed what is required. From the top down, we've always been – and always will be – dedicated to providing you with the best products and services we possibly can.

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