Metals and Alloys Produced to Exact Specifications for Reliable Fasteners

Ulbrich metals and alloys enable several industries to develop flawless fasteners for their products and applications.

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Control You Can Count On

At Ulbrich, we control critical aspects of our metals and alloys, including properties, dimensions, and chemistries, leading to consistency and higher performance. In addition, our wide range of alloys and tempers are available through either rolling or distribution, and our metallurgists and engineers are expertly trained in producing to exact specifications.


Types of Fastener Products Made Possible with Ulbrich

Our metals and alloys help produce some of the most innovative fastener products, including:

  • Aerospace fasteners for aerospace framework
  • Automotive hinges
  • Marine hinges
  • Medical equipment latches

Ulbrich Metals and Alloys Used in Fasteners

The most common Ulbrich metals and alloys used in manufacturing fasteners are the following:

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We Do What It Takes to Meet Your Needs

At Ulbrich, we take pride in forming legitimate and reliable partnerships with our customers. To us, that means working closely with you in order to deliver exactly what you need. With a dedicated team of full-time metallurgists and engineers, we’re able to provide full service, production to exact specs, technical expertise, rerolling, and distribution.

Fastener materials for new products & industries

As innovation and time drive our technology forward, the need for new materials with tighter tolerances and precision characteristics increases. Ulbrich is here to shepherd in that future with you. Contact us today!

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