Heat Exchanger Strip, Foil & Wire Materials

Ulbrich is an industry-leading strip, coil, and wire supplier for manufacturers of heat transfer products in the aerospace, power, and industrial markets.

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Header Bar & Fin Stock Built With Higher Temperatures and Higher Yield in Mind

With industry-leading techniques, Ulbrich is capable of shaping the strongest alloys for heat exchanger components, making header bar and fin stock that are heat- and corrosion-resistant for the world’s strongest engines. Our process involves unparalleled precision, resulting in zero yield loss, which helps you get the most out of raw materials.

Fighter Jet

Ulbrich’s Heat Exchanger Solution to Aerospace Engines

Aerospace engines need Ulbrich-quality alloys in their heat exchangers. Without our custom profile of titanium shaped wire products—provided in both continuous coil and set lengths—world-class engines produce temperatures that can boil fuel out of efficient temperatures. Our unique processing capability for titanium header bar and fin stock gives our customers access to the tightest tolerances in metals and alloys with top-of-the-line precision.

Commercial Plane

Ulbrich Metals and Alloys for Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers

Wide-Ranging Experience You Can Trust

Our shaping capabilities range far and wide. We have helped develop steel and metals for Heat Exchangers of all kinds, including those used in commercial and military aerospace applications, power generation products, and industrial markets.

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