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Rolling Tolerances

Cold Rolling is the cornerstone of Ulbrich Stainless Steels & Special Metals, and the heart of the conversion process.

Our Rolling Capabilities

Our Rolling Capabilities

Our rolling division, Ulbrich Specialty Strip Mill (USSM), provides engineered strip metal and foil products to exacting specifications. USSM produces a specialized rolled coil, not readily available from other suppliers. Rolling at USSM is considered “cold rolling” because we do not increase the temperature of the material before we roll it. Our ability to deliver a customized and consistent product within precision and ultra precision tolerances allows us to provide our customers the material they need to create enhanced processes and products. The strip mill’s diversity of equipment and experienced staff enables us to establish robust processes capable of supplying a precise and consistent product for use in a wide variety of applications across multiple industries.

Rolled Strip


Rolled Strip Size Ranges

Thickness Range: .0003″ – .125″ (0.0076mm – 3.175mm)

Thickness Tolerance (Standard): +/- 3% standard (Tolerances better than 1% can be achieved based on criteria)

Thickness Tolerance (Extreme): +/- 1%

Precision Strip Width Range: .020″ – 14″ (0.508mm – 356mm)

Width Tolerance (Standard): +/- .005″ (+/0.0.127mm)

Slit Coil Size Ranges & Edges

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View our Annealing Capabilities

Grades & Alloys

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Rolled Wire


Shaped Wire (Profiles, Screen Wire and Custom Shapes)

Thickness Range: .005″ – .335″ (0.127mm – 8.509mm)

Width Range: .020″ – 1.50″ (0.508mm – 38.1mm)

Flat Wire

Thickness Range: 0.0002” to .210” (0.00508mm to 5.33mm)

Width Range: .002″ – 1.500″ (0.051mm -38.1mm)

Square Wire

Thickness Range: .030″ -.250″ (0.762mm – 6.35mm)

Width Range: .030″ – .250 (0.762mm – 6.35mm)

Round Wire

Diameter Range: .00075″ – .400″ (0.019mm – 10.16mm)

Rolled PV Ribbon


Ulbrich Solar Technologies, a product line of Ulbrich Specialty Wire Products and Ulbrich of Austria, is a global manufacturer and supplier of engineered PV ribbon products. Our solar cell tabbing ribbon and bus wire is custom produced to meet the individual requirements of Solar Module Manufacturers.

For all PV Ribbon and Bus Wire product capabilities please visit our website

Sheet & Plate


Stainless Steel Sheet (Canada Only)

Thickness Range: 7 gauge to 28 gauge or 3.664mm to .321mm

Width Range: 30″ to 72″

Length Range: Up to 144″ Non-Standard or Longer Lengths Available Upon Request

Aluminum Sheet (Canada Only)

Thickness Range: .032″ to .249″ or 0.812mm to 6.34mm

Width Range: 36″ to 72″

Length Range: Up to 144″ Non-Standard or Longer Lengths Available Upon Request

Stainless Plate Smooth and Diamond Pattern (Canada Only)

Thickness Range: .1875″ – 2″ or 4.762mm to 50.8mm

Width Range: 36″ to 120″

Length Range: Up to 240″ Non-Standard or Longer Lengths Available Upon Request

* Measurements for general information only. Ultimate capabilities may differ depending on order requirements. Visit for more information.

Bar & Tube


Stainless Steel Flat Bar (Canada Only)

Thickness Range: .125″ to 1″

Width Range: .500″ to 12.00″

Length: 12-14′ r/l, 20′

Stainless Steel Hex Bar (Canada Only)

Size Range: 1875″ to 2″

Length: 12′ R/L

Stainless Structural Angles (Canada Only)

Size Range: 750″ x .750″ x .125 up to 6″ x 6″ x .500″

Length: 20′ r/l

Stainless Tubing – Round, Square and Rectangular (Canada & Mexico)

Wall Thickness Range: .035″ up to .500″

O.D. Range for Round Tube: .125″ to 7.5″

O.D. Range for Square Tube: .500″ – 10″

O.D. Range for Rectangular Tube: .500″ – .750″ through 8″ – 12″

Length: 20′ r/l

* Measurements for general information only. Ultimate capabilities may differ depending on order requirements. Visit (Canada) or (Mexico) for more information.

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