The toughest alloys for the toughest flex hose.

Ulbrich supplies a wide selection of materials with the perfect edge condition and flatness for flexible hose applications. Our stainless and nickel alloy materials allow your flex metal hose products to achieve higher working pressure, improved inner core strength, and superior resistance to chemical and thermal corrosion.

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High Quality alloys delivered with precision for superior flexible metal hose

High Quality alloys delivered with precision for superior flexible metal hose

Whether you’re helically winding flex metal hose, or forming it through hydraulic or mechanical means our flex hose materials will never let you down. We have 100 years of experience in the stainless industry behind us that gives us the expertise and reliability needed to deliver quality strip & wire products that meet your flex hose manufacturing needs. Ulbrich’s steel & special metal products offer robust resistance to torsional, temperature, and environmental stress, without sacrificing the quality or flexibility your customer expects in your flex hose product.

Ulbrich provides precision materials 4 Types of Flex Hose

  1. Corrugated Flexible Metal Hose
  2. Interlocked Flexible Metal Hose
  3. Bellows Expansion Joint Flex Hose
  4. Braided Hose
The flattest material for roll forming flexible metal hose

The flattest material for roll forming flexible metal hose

Wavy material is unworkable. Ulbrich has tremendous capabilities for achieving flatness and consistency in material. Our unparalleled ability to deliver extreme flatness in our material allows your company to create more uniformity within your finished flex metal hose products. Quality is one of the core values at Ulbrich.

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Perfect edge conditions for welding applications

Perfect edge conditions for welding applications

Reduce failure rate for your products in the field and reduce scrap during manufacture. Ulbrich takes great steps in our sourcing & processing of materials to ensure superior weldability so that you can reduce failure rate in the field. Our commitment to quality and delivering precision tolerances for our customers demanding specifications helps you keep scrap attributed to poor material quality or imperfections low and yields high. Our team pays meticulous attention to detail to ensure your exact specifications are met, every time.


Stainless Strip for Flex Metal Hose Applications

  • 304 Annealed Stainless Strip
  • 304L Annealed Stainless Strip
  • 316 Annealed Stainless Strip
  • 316L Annealed Stainless Strip
  • 321 Annealed Stainless Strip

Special Metal Strip For Flex Hose Applications

High Temp & Corrosion Resistant Alloys for Flex Hose. These materials are ideal for manufacturing Flexible Metal Hose used in the harshest environments

  • Monel 400 Wire
  • Inconel 625 Wire
  • Hastelloy C-276 Wire

Strip Capabilities for Flex Hose Buyers

Gauge Ranges:

.0045” - .030”

Width Ranges

1” wide to 48” wide

Flex hose material finishes:
  • 2B
  • 2D
  • BA
Confidence in strip, foil, and wire packaging & delivery

Confidence in strip, foil, and wire packaging & delivery

Our quality and packaging teams take extreme care when handling the light gauge materials used in flex hose manufacturing. Our team is committed to delivering product with pristine edge condition that is free of contamination, damage, debris and other imperfections to keep your supply-chain worry-free. These preventative steps to ensure safe transfer help ensure edge condition and other critical properties are maintained from our warehouse to yours.

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