Precision Shaped Wire for Filter Screens

Find out why Ulbrich is the best metal and alloy partner for your filter screen needs.

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Maintaining Uniform Tolerances with the Latest Technologies

Using the most innovative technology in the shaping industry, Ulbrich is able to maintain tight, uniform tolerances through out our runs. In most cases, SPC data is available when requested, allowing us to see exactly how each spool is running. And in every operation, our employees verify shape and properties to ensure you're getting exactly what your spec and print requires.

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Filter Screen Products that Use Ulbrich Shaped Wire

Ulbrich Shaped Wire makes the production of many filter screen products possible in numerous industrial sectors, most notably the power generation and oil & gas industries.


Ulbrich Metals and Alloys Used in Manufacturing Filter Screens

For screen wire applications, the most utilized Ulbrich metals and alloys are the following:


Expert Staff with Decades of Screen Industry Experience

For several decades of our near-century in business, one of Ulbrich's specialties has been producing shapes for the screening industry. With this experience and our team of metallurgists and engineers, we have a unique understanding of our customers' needs and goals and the skillsets to fulfill both. Our dedication to our customers is evident in our technical service and support, as we believe we're only as good as our customers and their end-products.

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