Deep Draw Square

Controlled Grain Growth and Direction for Increased Formability

Deep drawing is the process where a flat piece of metal is subjected to a punch and die which subsequently causes the metal to flow into the die with minimal thinning of the material taking place. Deep drawing refers to a longer draw length to diameter ratio and to consistently accomplish this, Ulbrich provides material with low earring characteristics (minimal variation in the height or ear of the cup around the circumference). This process minimizes the occurrence of galling on the die which can result in high part fallout rates due to splitting of the shell or tool marks developed on the parts during the drawing process.

The starting point for Ulbrich success begins with our stringent specifications and commitment to buy only from the highest quality suppliers. Our narrow width rolling mills with automatic gage control (AGC) provides an extraordinarily tight thickness tolerance along the width and length of all coils, and this insures stability in the drawing process and produces parts with minimal burrs. Deep drawing also requires annealed properties with a homogeneous fine grain micro-structure and very uniform mechanical properties throughout the coil.

Ulbrich's state of the art annealing furnaces and optimized rolling practices provides material with more uniform properties in all direction of the strip (longitudinal and transverse to the rolling direction) so the metal can thin and stretch uniformly during the draw. In summary, there are a combination of many variables that Ulbrich controls to ensure that our material provides the best form-ability for even the most difficult drawing process application. Ulbrich provides the highest value material because the least downtime and part variability allows our customers to produce higher quality products at a lower overall cost.