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At Ulbrich Solar Technologies, we have always focused on leading the solar market through operational excellence and top of the line technologies. With nearly three decades of experience in the rapidly changing solar market, we have become the global market leader for specialized and power enhancing solar cell connector products.

As a commitment to providing all of our clients with the best possible customer service and attention to detail, we are proud to announce the launch of the new and improved Ulbrich Solar Technologies website,! Here you will find information on our products and services, as well as the necessary tools for more effective communication with the most specialized engineering and sales service team in the industry. homepage screenshot

The new website has a more dynamic design and enhanced functionality, making it easier than ever to get in touch with an expert using any commercial (mobile or desktop) device. This enables us to answer all of your questions regarding our power enhancing, specialty and standard PV Ribbon products quickly and effectively.

On behalf of everyone at Ulbrich Solar Technologies, we thank you for your continuous support and trust. We are invariably committed to delivering top-quality products with the best customer care in the market. It is our hope that the new PV Ribbon website will help us push you and your business towards commercial growth and success.

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Ulbrich Solar Technologies is a product line with a vast global presence in the international solar market, being produced by both Ulbrich of Austria and Ulbrich Specialty Wire Products. With a combined 28 years of experience, Ulbrich Solar Technologies has been on the leading edge of design, development and distribution of plated precision copper flat wire used for solar cell tabbing, string interconnect ribbon and bus wire.

Ulbrich Solar Technologies is here to meet your specific requirements, while offering cost-effective solutions to the best module manufacturers around the globe. We proudly produce our own tinned flat copper wire while staying committed to finding innovative solutions for enhanced solar modules and PV Ribbon technologies. A team of experienced Researchers and Applications Engineers are available to help you generate custom products using specialized processes. Contact a specialist today!

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