Ulbrich Specialty Wire Products

Ulbrich Specialty Wire Products

Ulbrich Specialty Wire Products, located in Westminster, South Carolina, is equipped for rolling, drawing, annealing, straightening and precision winding of a variety of round, flat and square wire products. Our “focus factory” (factory within a factory) dedicates managers and engineers along with state of the art equipment to produce and manage industry specific requirements.

Ulbrich is on the technical forefront of the metals industry delivering precision wire products to an increasingly diversified and global marketplace, expanding into the medical, solar, electronics, aerospace, automotive and more industries.

Ulbrich offers technical support and applications engineers who work directly with customers to determine product needs and specifications based upon our customers processes, equipment and specific needs. USWP also houses Ulbrich Solar Technologies, Inc., a world leader in the manufacture of tinned plated copper, silver plated copper and aluminum flat wire (PV Ribbon) for the solar industry.

Ulbrich Specialty Wire Products

Manufacturing & Sales Office

692 Plant Road, Westminster, SC 29693, United States

Ulbrich Specialty Wire Products

692 Plant Road, PO Box 619

Westminster, SC 29693

Phone: 864-647-6087

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