Ulbrich of Austria

Ulbrich Solar Technologies (Austria)

Ulbrich of Austria GmbH, located in Müllendorf, Austria, is one of our newest facilities. Over the last decade the team transformed from a highly automated standard ribbon supplier to a specialist in niche crystalline technologies. With the introduction of power enhancing and special ribbon products they supply module fabs across the world, as well as high quality round and flat wire for various applications. Besides Solar this division develops and produces high-quality round and flat wire for various applications in Automotive and Electronics.

Ulbrich Solar Technologies is an important part of Ulbrich Stainless Steels & Special Metals, Inc. For decades, we have supplied the Solar Industry with our tinned flat copper wire, continually identifying emerging PV Ribbon technologies and engineering innovative solutions to increase the electrical output and performance of solar modules. Our Research Team and Applications Engineers develop customized products and processes that supply cost-effective solutions to the best module manufacturers around the globe.

Ulbrich of Austria is a part of the Ulbrich Wire Group which custom engineers precision wire products including; Fine Wire, Round Wire, Flat Wire, Square Wire, Shaped Profiles and PV Ribbon products. The Ulbrich Wire Group of companies are divisions of Ulbrich Stainless Steels and Special Metals, Inc. Our wire facilities have over 40 years of experience producing thousands of unique shapes and sizes for many markets. The Ulbrich Wire Group works together to bring a wide range of capabilities and leadership to the industry all across the globe.

Ulbrich Solar Technologies (Austria)

Manufacturing & Sales Office – Precision Flat Wire

Industriestraβe 1, 7052 Müllendorf, Austria