Superior Reliability for Battery Can Manufacturing & Performance

At Ulbrich, our material knowledge and practical expertise allow us to create special alloys that are guaranteed to perform at optimal levels in all batteries.

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Your Required Dimensions and Shapes are Always Possible with Ulbrich

In addition to our ability to control critical tolerances to the tightest specifications in the world, we also apply truly unique manufacturing processes to ensure precise alloy forming, fit to meet the exact shapes and dimensions that your battery products require.

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Battery Products Made with Ulbrich Alloys

Ulbrich precision-shaped metals and alloys are used in the manufacturing of a variety of energy storing devices. The materials we produce most often act as containers where batteries and circuitry can be stored, and the alloys we utilize depends on a few important factors, most notably what the end-use of the application will be and the environment in which it will be used.

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Ulbrich Metals and Alloys Used in Battery Products

To manufacture final battery products, we typically use a combination of austenitic and ferritic grades of stainless steels, titaniums, nickels, and nickel alloys. Like all of our metals and alloys, we're able to shape these to the exact specifications that you and your team needs, allowing you to produce your finished product just how you envisioned it.

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Making a Challenging Application Easy with Strategic Relationships

At Ulbrich, we take pride in forming legitimate and reliable partnerships with our customers. To us, that means working closely with you in order to deliver exactly what you need across all of our services. With a dedicated team of full-time metallurgists and engineers, we’re able to assist you in developing new and innovative battery products, and our collective expertise enables us to provide high-quality, precision metals and alloys every single time.

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