Yield of a Coil

For non-standard grades of steel, price is affected by the weight ordered. Yield of coil is the expected ship weight of a single coil of a particular type of steel and is used in the calculation of price.

Yield Point

The load per unit of original cross-section at which, in soft steel, a marked increase in deformation occurs without increase in load.

Yield Strength

The stress at which a material exhibits a specified limiting proportionality of stress to strain. As the tensile load on a specimen is increased through the elastic (i.e. no permanent deformation) range, a stress will be reached at which the specimen will begin to deform in a plastic manner (i.e. permanent deformation which will not recover upon release of load). The procedure employed to measure this stress is called “offset method”, hence yield strength is noted in parentheses by 0.2% offset. Yield strength is specified in psi. (pounds per square inch), ksi (1000 pounds per square inch) or a metric equivalent (MPA or N/mm). Materials stressed beyond their yield strength will take a permanent set; the magnitude of set depends upon the stretching incurred beyond the yield strength.

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