Local reduction of the cross-sectional area of metal by stretching.

Network Structure

A structure in which the crystals of one constituent are surrounded by envelopes of another constituent which gives a network appearance to an etched test specimen.

Nickel Silver

Copper base alloys that contain 10-45% Zinc and 5-30% Nickel.


Process of surface hardening certain types of steel by heating in ammonia gas at about 935-1000°F., the increase in hardness being the result of surface nitride formation. Certain alloying constituents, principal among them being aluminum, greatly facilitate the hardening reaction. In general, the depth of the case is less than with carburizing.

Non-Ferrous Metals

Metals or alloys that are free of iron or comparatively so.

Non-Refractory Alloy

A term opposed to refractory alloy. A non-refractory alloy has malleability, that is, ease of flattening when subjected to rolling or hammering.


See Metallic Elements.

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