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Proudly supplying metal for some of the most integral components of the oil & gas extraction and refinery industry, Ulbrich always delivers precision and strength while maintaining a commitment to corrosion protection.

Unrivaled resistance to the harshest elements
Products used in the oil & gas industry are subject to some of the harshest environmental conditions in the world. We know that our products resisting the elements is a necessity.
We’re an industry leading metal supplier to the oil & gas industry
Metals represent more than 60% of Oil & Gas industry spending and present almost in every step of the industry value chain.Ulbrich provides a number of different types of metals used in every application throughout the Oil & gas industry.
Oil & gas drilling materials have to be built to last using high quality materials
Acid-bearing fluids used during drilling operations can eat into the tubing they flow through. Temperatures higher than 1,100 degrees fahrenheit tend to occur in oil processing plants, and can make steel brittle. The metals we supply the oil industry have to withstand each of these extremes


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View detailed material specifications for the 160+ alloys that Ulbrich supports in strip and wire products.

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