Ulbrich of Austria GmbH Joins European Solar Manufacturing Council (ESMC)

Müllendorf, Austria – Ulbrich of Austria GmbH is proud to announce they've joined the European Solar Manufacturing Council (ESMC). A division of Ulbrich Stainless Steels & Special Metals, Ulbrich of Austria GmbH is a world leader in PV ribbon products that interconnect and transmit current for crystalline solar cells and thin film. The ESMC aims at promoting and supporting the European PV manufacturing industry, allowing its member industrial companies, organizations, and research centers to speak with one voice.

Ulbrich of Austria Joins ESMC

"Ulbrich is currently involved in a major expansion of our projects in Europe," said Peter Berghofer, General Manager of Ulbrich Austria GmbH. "We're thrilled to become active members of such a vital industry network. It's never been more important for European solar manufacturers to work together in promoting the development and production of innovative technologies across the entire value chain."

For decades, Ulbrich of Austria GmbH has supplied the solar Industry with tinned flat copper wire, continually identifying emerging PV Ribbon technologies and engineering innovative solutions to increase solar modules' electrical output and performance. Their Research Team and Applications Engineers develop customized products and processes that supply cost-effective solutions to module manufacturers around the globe.

"The world's best solar module manufacturers have been using Ulbrich's PV Ribbon for decades," said Berghofer.

Our consistent quality helps them improve their products and reduce total cost. We believe that joining the ESMC will allow us to better partner with European solar manufacturers to advance our industry within the EU.

About Ulbrich of Austria GmbH

Ulbrich of Austria Gmbh is part of the Ulbrich Wire Group, which custom engineers precision wire products including Fine Wire, Round Wire, Flat Wire, Plated Wire, Shaped Wire Profiles and PV Ribbon products.

Ulbrich of Austria GmbH was founded in 2007 to supply the European Solar Industry. Over the last decade, the Austrian team transformed from a highly automated standard ribbon supplier to a specialist in niche crystalline technologies. With the introduction of power enhancing and special ribbon products Ulbrich of Austria is supplying state of the art module fabs all over the world. Over 75, and still expanding, employees are continuously working together with our customers to bring photovoltaic power generation to the next level.

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