Stainless Steels & Specialty Metals for Energy & Power Generation Applications


Each of our 12 divisions in 5 countries specialize in producing strip, foil and wire products for critical end uses in the Energy and Power Generation Industries.

Waspaloy® and L605 are used in Turbine Blades/Stator Vanes used in jet propulsion.

300 series stainlessfor Compressor Parts

Nickel Alloys & 316L Stainless for Nuclear Products

Special shapes are also rolled to near net parts for Seal Strips in Steam Turbines.

•Special Metals Cable Wrap fro Downhole Drilling

Inconel® X-750, Haynes® 188, Hastelloy® C-22

Manufacturers of these critical applications know it’s not just about the material dimensions and delivery. It’s about the testing, certifications and all necessary documentation that is key to a seamless transaction.

We have the staff, testing knowledge and generations of critical application experience you can rely on.

Metals for energy and power generation

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