Ulbrich Launches New Solar Group – Ulbrich Solar Technologies, Inc.

Ulbrich launches Ulbrich Solar Technologies, Inc., a premier photovoltaic ribbon producer with worldwide facilities.

Photovoltaic Ribbon (PV Ribbon) is the focus of the newly formed holding company, Ulbrich Solar Technologies, Inc. The new company will be headquartered at its precision flat wire operation in South Carolina. It will have an increased global presence in the international solar market that includes current solar divisions operating in Austria, Hong Kong, Ireland and the U.S.A.

“We believe this dedicated focus to our PV products will prove beneficial to our customers while allowing us to keep up with the velocity of change in the solar industry.” commented, Chris Ulbrich COO.

Ulbrich, with over 15 yrs experience in the solar industry, has been on the leading edge of design, development and distribution of plated precision copper flat wire used for solar cell tabbing, string interconnect ribbon and bus wire including the new super- efficient Light-Capturing Ribbon™.

Ulbrich Solar Technologies, Inc.

692 Plant Road

Westminster, SC 29693 USA

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