Ulbrich Enhances Braid Wire Accelerator® with E-Commerce to Fast-Track Medical Device Development

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When sourcing materials for the manufacturing of critical medical devices, speed is everything. The faster you can procure desired materials, the sooner you can start testing engineered applications. And the quicker you begin iterating, the greater the chance your solution beats your competitors to market.

Unfortunately, the supply chain rarely supports the speed needed to jump-start R&D and get to final designs faster. It's also critical to note that device manufacturers can't sacrifice quality to speed up sourcing. If the material doesn't consistently meet the properties required for peak braiding performance, it doesn't matter how fast it arrives at your facility.

At Ulbrich, we recognize that these are pressing issues our medical device manufacturing customers face. That's why we've developed our Braid Wire Accelerator® Program to rapidly deliver round, flat, and fine wire for critical medical manufacturing needs.

This innovative procurement tool, now featuring an easy-to-browse e-commerce store, includes the precision wire used by our customers for braiding applications such as stents, catheters, cannula, and other medical devices. Alloys offered include everything from 304v stainless steel to special metals like shape-memory nitinol and high-strength tungsten.

Source the highest-quality materials in smaller quantities so that you can rapidly prototype, iterate, and get your final designs to market faster.

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Select the Best Material for Your Application

Our Braid Wire Accelerator® Program now features an e-commerce store that makes it easier than ever for our medical device manufacturing customers to find the materials they need.

With just a few clicks, customers can instantaneously see what items Ulbrich Specialty Wire Products has in stock. We offer a wide range of alloys, in various tensile and winding tension configurations, to allow our customers to select the best braiding material for their equipment and application.

Current Alloys Available:

Avoid tangles with the highest-quality fine wire, crafted to consistently meet specific annealed properties with uniform dimensions. We can wind our precision round & flat wire on Steeger bobbins, DIN 100, coil winding spools, or other standard spools. We also offer parallel, multi-ended wire when greater braid density is required.

Once you've found the right material for your requirements, add it to your cart and check out. One of Ulbrich's Wire Specialists will promptly contact you to finalize your order.

Standard vs. Rapid Prototype Programs

Ulbrich has helped industry leaders produce implantable medical devices for decades and are among the most experienced and reputable suppliers of medical braid wire.

In short, we've seen it all. So, when our engineers started designing our Braid Wire Accelerator®, we ensured that the program included the most common alloys, in the most common braiding machine configurations, to best serve the market needs of medical producers.

Sourcing from our Braid Wire Accelerator® Standard offers you speedier delivery times and ensures that the flat and round wire that you need reaches your facility as soon as possible. That means less waiting and more building!

For customers that require modifications to meet their spec, we offer a Rapid Prototype solution that utilizes semi-finished materials. Modifications may include refinement to the dimensions of standard wire or a tweak to its properties or finish.

While our Rapid Prototype program offers quick lead times and low MOQs, both are slightly longer than the Braid Wire Accelerator® Standard program because of the extra processing needed to meet your specific requirements.

For a full explanation of the differences between our Standard and Rapid Prototype offerings, learn more here.

Get the Fine Wire You Need to Your Facility Faster

Utilizing Ulbrich's Braid Wire Accelerator® Program, your project teams are now able to meet their timelines while incorporating all the design performance characteristics your medical devices require.

Enhance your prototyping capabilities and get to market faster by instantly reviewing what standard or semi-finished fine, flat, or round wire we have in stock.

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