North Haven Landmark Gets a Fresh Coat of Paint

North Haven’s “yellow canary” is yellow no more.

Ulbrich Stainless Steels & Special Metal’s warehouse on Dodge Ave. has been repainted with their brand’s blue and silver colors.

The warehouse was constructed in 1975 under the leadership of CEO Frederick Ulbrich Jr. as he expanded Ulbrich's operations and capabilities. Today, this warehouse processes millions of pounds of stainless steel and special metals every single month. That's because it receives all incoming metal and distributes it to Ulbrich’s Connecticut service center and precision re-roll mills.

Unsure of the difference? Re-roll mills are where stainless steel and other alloys are sent when they need to be reduced to thinner gauges and imparted with unique material properties. This process is typically necessary for advanced applications in industries like medical and aerospace. Service centers are primarily distribution hubs with supply chain management capabilities that ensure a steady supply of material for their customers. To learn more about the role service centers and re-roll mills each play in the steel supply chain, check out this article.

At the time of the warehouse's construction, Ulbrich planned on moving its entire base of operations to its location. While the company decided to stay put in Wallingford, the warehouse has remained a pivotal part of its day-to-day operations.

For 47 years, the warehouse could be recognized by its distinctive yellow color, but the exterior was starting to show its age, and it was time for a fresh coat of paint. Ridgeline Professional Painting Services not only painted the blue and silver but also redid all of the logos and lettering.

“They did a tremendous job,” said Tony Martinez, the Working Warehouse Supervisor.

“Now, the outside of the building reflects the quality of the metals and team members inside. I’m proud to work here.”

Purchasing Manager Lisa Aurora spearheaded the project for Ulbrich, coordinating all of the logistics necessary to undertake such an expansive commercial paint job at a working facility.

Warehouses like this one play a pivotal role in the supply chain services that Ulbrich provides its customers. To learn more about evaluating steel supply chain partners, particularly ones built for today's tough market conditions, read this article that includes four critical factors for consideration.

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