Making a better High Performance Cable (HPC) with flat braid & silver plated wire

Ulbrich specializes in many products for High Performance Cable applications including: Flat Shielding (usually referred to as Tape), Flat Braid wire for specialty center conductors, as well as, fine silver plated Copper Braid and Served Wires down to 0.0008” in diameter.

The High Performance RF cables known as Coaxial, Twin Axial, Microwave, and High Frequency, are used for many applications including Aerospace, Data Communications, Medical, Telecom and Defense. There are many types of wire that go into the manufacture of HPC cable. Center conductors can be solid, clad or stranded. Shielding is done with round or flat braiding wire and/or flat wire that are wrapped helically around the center conductor (normally over top of the dielectric layer) or multiple round wires can be “served” typically with silver plated copper around a dielectric.

No matter how you make your RF and Microwave cable, our product management and metallurgical experts can design a solution that will fit your needs. With our ability to very precisely control the dimensions and roll to very high width to thickness (aspect) ratios, we outperform our competition with ratios up to 1,000:1.

We also partner with RF cable manufacturers to optimize specifications for each customer’s application, giving them an engineered product for maximum performance.

If you’d like to know more about all of our Wire products for High Performance Cable Applications contact us today!

High Performance Cable Wire for Technology
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