Ulbrich Hpc Copper

Material Qualities that Only Ulbrich Can Provide

  • In-line Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) ensures the end-product will have a low variation periodic.
  • Aspect ratios up to 375:1 (industry standard is typically limited to 100:1).
  • In-line statistical process controls provide consistently high-quality material.
  • Options for thermal treatment that optimize material modulus to match customer wrap parameters. 

Metals and Alloys List

  • Bare Copper ETP (C110)
  • OFC (C102) 
  • High Purity (C101) 
Silver Plated Copper with in-house plating capabilityGold Plated Copper with in-house plating capability Tin Plated Copper Solder Coated CopperSilver Plated Copper Clad AluminumSilver Plated Copper Clad Steel

Braid Wire Helix 004

Unique Cable Wire with High-Frequency Capabilities

As the leading suppliers of important wire materials, our customers can effectively and efficiently produce high-frequency RF and microwave cable wire. These high data rate RF cable wires are vital in the development of a number of current and next generation products. From military and aerospace, to data centers and back plane applications, our RF cable wires set the foundation for the small-form factor cables with the high-frequency capabilities necessary to make cutting-edge products. 

Various Wire 2

Engineering Experts with a Flawless Process

Since 1924, Ulbrich has consistently maintained a superior level of industry expertise to go along with its careful and comprehensive engineering process. This attention to detail ensures our ability to produce a customized product, allowing our customers to minimize cable manufacturer yield losses and voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) spikes in high-performance coaxial cable products. 

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