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Monthly strip & wire alloy surcharges in the palm of your hand.

Ulbrich's first-ever mobile app will help manufacturers quickly find and analyze historic data, and get real-time surcharges for strip and wire at multiple gauges.

Introducing the Ulbrich Strip & Wire Alloy Surcharge Mobile App!

Ulbrich has released its first-ever mobile app platform to help our customers and stakeholders to get the information they need to do their work more efficiently and engage with us in new ways. The Ulbrich app will transform how you design, specify, and purchase precision metal products forever!

The app is a platform that Ulbrich plans to build upon, including updates that will add new features and functionality.

The Ulbrich Surcharge App delivers a best-in-class user experience to make interacting with Ulbrich digitally as seamless as it is working with our amazing team of metal experts.

Start your mobile experience today!

Quick access to the latest metal surcharges for strip & wire alloys on-the-go!

Manufacturers will now have the ability to quickly find specific alloys and see the current month's surcharges, as well as compare the price history over either 3, 6 or 12 months, for both strip and wire products.

Available on both iOS and Android

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We are a committed development partner

We are a committed development partner

We approached our app like we approach everything we do, with the mission of being an invaluable development partner for all of our customers and stakeholders.