Ulbrich Specialty Wire Products Expands Braid Wire Accelerator Program with Convenient Online Purchasing

Ulbrich Offers the Medical Device Community Easy Access to Braid Wire

Chamfr Ulbrich Braid Wire

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE [Westminster, SC, December 22, 2023] – Ulbrich Specialty Wire Products (USWP) proudly announces its collaboration with Chamfr, marking a significant expansion of Ulbrich’s Braid Wire Accelerator® Program. This partnership facilitates convenient online access to approximately 50 of Ulbrich's braid wire SKUs, all available for purchase on

USWP’s braid wire is renowned for its exceptional quality and plays a vital role in creating braid-reinforced tubing. It stands as a critical component for applications demanding robust torque transmission, exceptional burst strength, or high column strength.

Key highlights of Ulbrich’s braid wire available on include:

  • Materials: Available in 304V, MP35N, nitinol, tungsten, and other specialized materials.
  • Variety: Offered in various sizes of both flat and round wire, catering to diverse application needs.
  • Compatibility: Bobbins compatible with Steeger 30mm and DIN 100, ensuring seamless integration into existing setups.

"This strategic partnership with Chamfr marks a significant milestone in our Braid Wire Accelerator® Program," said Ed Treglia, President Specialty Wire Group at Ulbrich Stainless Steels & Special Metals.

The ability to conveniently shop and purchase our braid wire online through empowers researchers, engineers, and manufacturers to expedite their projects with ease.

The addition of Ulbrich’s braid wire on solidifies Ulbrich’s commitment to innovation, quality, and customer-centric solutions within the medical device industry. This expansion signifies a continuation of the Braid Wire Accelerator® Program’s mission to facilitate engineering advancements by providing top-tier materials.

"We're delighted to offer an enhanced avenue for researchers, engineers, and manufacturers to access our superior braid wire," added Treglia. "This partnership exemplifies our dedication to supporting industry innovation."

Accelerate your R&D initiatives by obtaining Ulbrich’s superior braid wire through For more information or to make a purchase, visit

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