Ulbrich Coronavirus Update (March 9, 2020)

Dear Valued Ulbrich Customer,

Coronavirus continues to be a global issue and is spreading around the world quickly. As reported cases of coronavirus continue to rise and health experts work to understand the full extent of the outbreak, Ulbrich has updated its company travel guidelines to ensure the health and safety of all Ulbrich employees. This includes a travel ban for all international business travel, until further notice, and a travel ban of all international visitors to Ulbrich facilities (vendors, suppliers, partner, etc.).

With regard to our supply chain, we have not had, nor do we expect, any disruption of our raw material or supplies. We will regularly update the impact on our supply chain, and we will continue to monitor any new developments related to the coronavirus outbreak, as well as take appropriate action as recommended by global health experts.


Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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