PV Ribbon Innovation - Ulbrich's Innovative LCR Grooved Ribbon


Ulbrich’s new and innovative Light-Capturing Ribbon (LCR) increases the efficiency of a solar module by reflecting light onto the surface of the cell. Light-Capturing Ribbon is able to recover up to 80% of the photocurrent from light that strikes the ribbon, compared to the mere 5% recovered by standard solar interconnect wire (pv ribbon). This is possible through the development of a grooved pv ribbon, which can be made as wide as necessary to reduce resistive losses without compromising module efficiency. This is a vast improvement from standard interconnects. With traditional solar interconnect wire, increasing either thickness or width would both compromise reliability and shade more of the cell, resulting in loss of efficiency.

Not only does the LCR supply a 2% efficiency gain, but is also aesthetically pleasing. The new modules appear more uniformly dark, making them visually different. The dark module is a distinguishable product with high customer appeal.

Ulbrich has also developed the capability to selectively apply solder only on the bottom (flat) side of the ribbon for connectivity to the cell.

Light Capturing Ribbon offers:

• Enhanced performance and efficiencies

• Ease of transition to larger cells

• Minimal retooling and compatible with existing manufacturing processes

• Improved aesthetics

For more information contact Don Hennon at Ulbrich Solar Technologies, 692 Plant Road, Westminster, SC 29693


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