Metals for Medical Applications That Are Critical in the Design and Development of Medical Devices

Special metals are critical in the design and development of medical devices. Ulbrich has been the industry leader in the production of Titanium, Nitinol, Niobium, Copper and Tantalum Alloys. Our ability to roll light gauge strip in narrow widths and produce shaped wire products in hundreds of specialty alloys, positions us as a one-stop source for a wide variety of medical alloys.

Our vast experience in manufacturing special metal alloys for medical has led to tremendous growth and increases in efficiency and a decrease in yield loss. The most effective way for medical manufacturers to ensure they buy the best alloy for their medical application is to consult with a product specialist or metallurgist about their spec.

Metals for Medical Applications:

Titanium Strip & Wire

Implants, Neuro- Stimulators, Orthopedic Rods, Pins and Plates, Heart Valve Housings, Prosthetic Eyes, Surgical Instruments, Drills, Forceps, Retractors, Scissors and Needles




Bone Implants, Vascular Clips, Flexible Stents

Nitinol Wire

Stents, Heart Valve Tools, Staples, Bone Anchors, Septal Defect Devices, Diagnostic Guide Wires, Arch Wires for Braces


Anti-germ Surfaces, Medical Electric Devices

The information from this post is from Todd Hall’s article recently published article in Advanced Materials and Processes magazine.

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