Connecticut Manufacturing Careers Promoted by the South-Central Manufacturing Partnership (SCMIP)

Did you know that 92% of Connecticut’s exports come from advanced manufacturing?

Don’t let ESPN and gold-coast capital management firms distract you; our small yet mighty state is a manufacturing powerhouse. Connecticut is the third most concentrated manufacturing area in the entire United States. Here, more than 162,000 highly skilled workers make everything from jet engines and fuel cells to the advanced materials needed to manufacture these advanced applications.

Despite this, CT manufacturers continue to face a talent shortage. There is a real need for more professionals to enter the field and take advantage of the rewarding opportunities it offers. From high-school graduates to PhDs, our state needs more makers.

To address this issue, Ulbrich joined more than 25 manufacturing leaders around the New Haven region to launch the South-Central Connecticut Manufacturing Industry Partnership (SCMIP) in March of 2021. In those two years, it’s been an honor to work with local companies like Roto Frank of America, Hobson Motzer, Penn Globe, and Unicorr on creating a talent pipeline, among other key industry challenges.

SCMIP Partnership with Ulbrich

Notably, SCMIP’s Talent Action Team set out to understand what positions are in demand and to work with educational providers to create a pathway. Their research suggests that the most needed positions statewide are machine operators and machinists, even though Connecticut is the top-paying state (20% higher than the national average) for CNC machinists and tool and die makers. And with over 6,000 open jobs across the state, the demand for skilled employees is high and only growing.

If you or someone you know is interested in a career in manufacturing, visit SCMIP - South Central Manufacturing Industry Partnership ( for a complete list of training programs affiliated with the initiative. Training programs are located all across the state, and many offer financial assistance.

These programs are a fantastic resource for those who love working with their hands and want to determine if manufacturing is the right career for them. Manufacturing isn’t right for everyone, and here at Ulbrich, we painstakingly interview candidates to ensure it’s a fit. But, if someone is committed to learning the trade, we are equally committed to creating a future in manufacturing for them. Ulbrich has a tuition reimbursement program and loves to promote from within, so many of today’s leaders started as entry-level operators.

“Then everybody wins,” said Donna Plum, a Director of HR at Ulbrich, about employees that create a career in manufacturing.

“They’re in a field that they enjoy and one that allows them to contribute. And we have so many skilled people who have such great ideas. We’re just so lucky to have the workforce that we have; they are so creative and very good at what they do.”

To learn more about how SCMIP promotes Connecticut’s career opportunities in manufacturing, visit

If you are interested in joining Ulbrich Stainless Steels & Special Metals, explore a career in manufacturing by visiting our website’s careers portal.

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