301si For High Strength Applications

When Good Forming Is Needed At Super-High Tensiles


301 has been long used for compression spring applications. Full Hard and Extra Full hard tempers being the most common ordering condition for traditional springs.

For those customers whose applications require high ductility at extra hard tempers beyond the traditional 301 capabilities, Ulbrich offers 301si.

301si has more formability at super high tensiles due to the addition of the extra silicon.

Standard 301 has a silicon content of 1.0 max and 301Si increases that content to 1.0 - 1.35. The extra silicon allows for good ductility at higher tensile strengths, increasing formability with less cracking. 301si improves the material's ductility because yield strength is not as limited as with traditional 301.

Ulbrich can offer 301Si's chemistry option and super high tensiles to give you the manufacturing capabilities and product performance you need for your application. Both traditional 301 and 301si are produced to ASTM A666.

Typical End Uses for 301si:

Considerations when evaluating 301si:

  • What is the bend severity when fabricating your part?
  • Does the part require stress relief anneal?
  • Is fatigue resistance critical to performance of your part?
  • What is the operating environment of the spring? (temperature, corrosion, abrasion)
  • Which mechanical properties are most important to your fabrication? (tensile, yield, elongation or hardness)

Ulbrich is pleased to offer our Product Managers and Process Engineers to assist you in developing the best engineered solution for your products and processes.

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