Ulbrich Super Conductor Tape for HTSC Cable Manufacturing

Our experienced and highly skilled engineers and metallurgists help produce exact dimensions in super conductor tape for your HTSC cable products.


Top-Notch Hastelloy C 276 Super Conductor Tape at Exact Specifications

With the ultra smooth surface and uniform straightness of our super conductor tape strips, HTSC cable manufacturers prefer the high-performing metals and alloys shaped by Ulbrich.


Products Made Possible Because of Ulbrich’s Super Conductor Tape

Used as a substrate in the creation of the HTSC cable, the material of super conductor tape is one of many layers that comprise the HTSC. The super conductor tape that Ulbrich provides is the base layer, and other materials are deposited onto it in order to fortify and build the HTSC cable.

Super Conductor Tape

Ulbrich Metals and Alloys Used to Manufacture Super Conductor Tape Products

In most cases, super conductor tape products require Hastelloy C 276, while some manufacturers also choose to use 310S Stainless Steel. Whichever Ulbrich alloy you choose depends on your product and application needs, and our product managers and engineers are always willing to steer you in the right direction to help you fulfill your goals.


We Work Closely with You to Deliver Precision

At Ulbrich, we take pride in forming legitimate and reliable partnerships with our customers. To us, that means working closely with you in order to deliver exactly what you need across all of our services. With a dedicated team of full-time metallurgists and engineers, we’re able to assist you in developing new and innovative products, while also addressing current performance issues you might be experiencing with your HTSC cables.

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