UNS C26000 Cartridge Brass Copper Alloy Wire

60 Brass has fair to excellent corrosion resistance, excellent cold workability and good hot formability.

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UNS C26000 Flat, Shaped and Round Wire

Cartridge Brass Applications

  • Coinage
  • Medals
  • Electrical switches and receptacles
  • Radiator cores
  • Fasteners and eyelets
  • Fuse clips, Jewelry
  • Architectural components
  • Deep drawing applications


260 Brass has fair to excellent corrosion resistance. Excellent cold workability; good hot formability. Brass alloys are copper zinc alloys which makes these alloys stronger and more durable than copper alloys. Alloys with high zinc levels are yellowish in color while those with less zinc start to turn reddish in color, and are sometimes called red brass.

Chemistry Typical


C21000 94.0-96.0 Balance 0.05 max 0.05 max

C23000 84.0-86.0 Balance 0.05 max 0.05 max

C26000 68.5-71.5 Balance 0.07 max 0.05 max

C26800 64.0-68.5 Balance 0.09 max 0.05 max

C28000 59.0-63.0 Balance 0.09 max 0.05 max

*Contact Ulbrich Wire for request regarding the availability of other copper alloys.
*Contact Ulbrich Technical Department for limits for additional trace elements and impurity levels.
*Copper plus sum of named elements 99.8% min.
*Copper plus sum of named elements 99. 7% min

Physical Properties of UNS C26000

Typical Density: 0.306 - 0.320 lb/in3, 8.47 - 8.86 g/cm3

Electrical Conductivity: (% IACS at 68° F 20°C, annealed): 27 - 56%

Thermal Conductivity: BTU-in/hr-ft2-° F
At 68° F: 67 - 135

Mean Coefficient of Thermal Expansion: µin/in-° F 68- 572 ° F: 10- 11.3

Modulus of Elasticity: KSI
15 - 17 x 103 in tension


Profile, Round, Flat, Square

Mechanical Properties at Room Temperature

Properties: Annealed Typical

Ultimate Tensile Strength: 34 KSI min (234 MPa min)

Yield Strength: 10 KSI min (69 MPa min)

Elongation: 45% min

Properties: Tempered

Brass alloys can be cold worked to various tempers.

*Actual physical and mechanical properties are alloy dependent. Contact Ulbrich Technical Service for alloy specific properties.

Additional Properties

Corrosion Resistance

Contact Ulbrich Wire for specific information.

Wire Finishes

XC - Extra clean. Annealed or annealed and cold rolled. Contact Ulbrich Wire with special finish requests.

Heat Treatment

Brass alloys are not hardenable by heat treatment.


Contact Ulbrich Wire for specific information.

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