Zirconium Precision Rolled to Extra-Close Tolerances

Our zirconium strip coil is made to ASTM B551 and provided to customer specs in the annealed or tempered condition. Our engineers, product managers, and mill operators are knowledgeable and experienced in producing these refractory alloys.


  • Zirconium 702

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Zirconium exhibits good ductility even at cryogenic temperatures

As a reactive metal with a high affinity for oxygen, Zirconium often forms a protective oxide layer in air at room temperature.

Comparable strength with other common engineering alloys

This protective oxide gives zirconium alloys their superior corrosion resistance.

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Our Zirconium Strip Coil Capabilities

Zirconium has superior corrosion resistance and high-heat transfer efficiency. Plus a ductility, formability, and strength that rivals all common engineering alloys.

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