Niobium Foil Rolled with Exotic Alloy Experience

Type 1 Niobium foil is available at Ulbrich. Niobium, a superconductive material, it is used in applications such as jet engines, particle accelerators, nuclear reactors and medical applications.


  • Niobium Type 1
  • Niobium Type 2

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Our experience is unmatched in the industry

Ulbrich has been producing light gauge niobium foil products for critical and high value applications for decades.

Our equipment is uniquely designed for thin dimensions

Rolling to dimensions this thin with exotic alloys requires state-of-the-art equipment and process experience, and we’ve got it all.

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Our Niobium Foil Capabilities

Pure niobium is a nuclear ‘reactor grade’ with a high melting point. It is extremely corrosion resistant and is also used in medical and high temperature industrial applications.

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