Niobium Foil Rolled with Exotic Alloy Experience

Type 1 Niobium foil is available at Ulbrich. Niobium, a superconductive material, is used in applications such as jet engines, particle accelerators, nuclear reactors, and medical applications.


  • Niobium Type 1
  • Niobium Type 2

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Our experience is unmatched in the industry

Ulbrich has been producing light gauge niobium foil products for critical and high-value applications for decades.

Our equipment is uniquely designed for thin dimensions

Rolling to dimensions this thin with exotic alloys requires state-of-the-art equipment and process experience – and we’ve got it all.

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Our Niobium Foil Capabilities

Pure niobium is a nuclear ‘reactor grade’ with a high melting point. It is extremely corrosion resistant and used in medical and high-temperature industrial applications.

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