Ulbrich Launches New Shaped Wire Website

UlbrichShapedWire.com was launched today to promote rolled shaped wire products in stainless steels and special metal alloys. The new site features rolled shaped, flat, square and round wire products engineered and produced to exacting dimensions in a selection of over 170 different alloys. Ulbrich’s rolled wire products are provided in net or near net sizes suitable for stamping, coining, forming or machining applications.

The new website includes in-depth shaped and profile wire product information, as well as, quality certification downloads, simplified contact forms, materials information, packaging options and dimensional capabilities for easy client reference.

“This website was designed to give our prospective and current customers a portal to Ulbrich Shaped Wire’s products and services. Our main objective for this new site is to make our skilled staff of engineers and tooling specialists more accessible to our clients. We want to let them know that we can assist in the design and development of their most challenging products,” commented Mike Alstrits, General Sales Manager at Ulbrich Shaped Wire, Inc.

About Ulbrich Shaped Wire, Inc.

Ulbrich Shaped Wire, Inc., located in North Haven, CT, is a division of Ulbrich Stainless Steels and Special Metals, Inc.

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