Ulbrich Designs New ‘Hide and Seek’ PV Ribbon Solution

Meet the demand for more aesthetic PV Modules with Ulbrich's newest product

Ulbrich’s Engineers always show pride when seeing their PV ribbon products in solar modules. Our customers do not always appreciate that same look of shiny metal especially when solar modules are used as architectural elements. Those customers’ needs have motivated our engineers to think about how to make our products nearly invisible. Through a partnership with Alpha McDermid, Ulbrich Solar Technologies is now proud to present a new PV ribbon product called Black Ready Ribbon (BRRTM) that blends perfectly with the dark colors of black modules.

solar panel showing difference between Ulbrich Black Ready Ribbon and Standard PV Ribbon

BRRTM is a co-development of both companies combining forces: Alpha’s Ready Ribbon technology with Ulbrich’s high quality ribbon that has been in the market for over 28 years. To achieve the desired look, Ulbrich’s ribbon is simply coated with a thin and homogeneous layer of Alpha’s BRRTM flux. The product eliminates the need to apply liquid flux in the module production process and fundamentally improves the aesthetics of a solar module.

On Tuesday, July 21, 2020, Ulbrich Solar Technologies had the honor of hosting their inaugural product launch through pv magazine spotlight series. During the webinar, Ulbrich explained how BRRTM will change module production for fully black modules and described the plug and play solution for module manufacturers. To access this initial presentation and learn more information on the new product, re-watch the spotlight webinar here.

black ribbon on spool

Ulbrich Solar Technologies has supplied the Solar Industry with our tinned flat copper wire, continually identifying emerging PV Ribbon technologies and engineering innovative solutions to increase the electrical output and performance of solar modules. Our research team and applications engineers at both Ulbrich of Austria and Ulbrich Specialty Wire Products come together to develop customized products and processes that supply solutions to the best module manufacturers around the globe.

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